The Development of the Philosophy of Marketing Science


  • Guann-Jyh LEE
  • Yi-Long JAW


Philosophy of Marketing Science, Marketing.


Marketing study to develop so far being thought the greatest careless mistake is to lack the assessment to philosophy of marketing science. The studies the theory to accept to existing marketing totally, but has not thought carefully that prove marketing is studied in the theory content of other disciplines. So that unable to grasp the train of thought of development of the marketing philosophy thought and content existing actually, it is more unable to distinguish quality with essential thought of each school and development potentiality. The research of philosophy of marketing science needs to revise the disappearance stated above urgently. The ones that study the theory content in building and constructing marketing with using doing carefully grind and analyses and narrated, in order to offer the research of philosophy of marketing science. The assessment of the ones that enable each studying the science can satisfy syntax, semantics, and the pragmatics one is structural with the storing demand in fact. Entrust to marketing and study more clear research theme and more precise and tinier philosophy meaning. Emphasize humanitarianism value and develop advanced practice technology, use the systemic argument of the macroscopic and causality model.



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