Systemic Wellbeing based on User Centric Design and Experiential Learning


  • Janet Judy McIntyre Flinders University


participatory design, sustainable futures, social cybernetics


ABSTRACT The paper is drawn from work in progress research funded by an Australian Research Council Linkage project. The collaboration spans the South Australian Department of Health, Flinders University, University of South Australia and Neporendi Forum Inc, an Aboriginal NGO and in partnership with Anglicare. The multidisciplinary research ensures that the service users together with the providers design what works, why and how on the basis of their perceptions of successful outcomes that have achieved wellbeing. We strive to use participatory action research to design and create a computer system that will enable people who are facing challenges such as homelessness, unemployment and domestic violence to build the capacity of the service providers by drawing on their own experiences. The findings to date : a) demonstrate the importance of network governance for linking service users and providers and the role that ongoing communication can play in shaping policy. As Aristotle argued, being involved in dialogue on policy matters and applying the dialectical process in one’s community is one of the ways to ensure a fulfilling life (which he called eudaimonia , on this see Nicomachean Ethics) , provided cultural inclusion is supported by democratic structures and processes (see Elias and Lichterman 2003). b) support the idea that wellbeing is what is valued and necessarily includes basic needs. But these are insufficient to achieve wellbeing for self determination, unless it is supported by political and economic opportunities that result in becoming citizens with rights who are respected within the wider community. Empowering Indigenous organisations to achieve wellbeing for Indigenous people is a step in this direction (Rowse 2003).

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Janet Judy McIntyre, Flinders University

Flinders Institute of Public Policy and Management Politics and International Studies Department Flinders University



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