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Connection with Universal Cosmic Conciousness for the New Galactic Humanity




Unified -, One System, Observation, Paradigm, Consciousness


66th Meeting of the International Society for the Systems Sciences

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The connection with the Cosmic Universal Consciousness always had been, is and will be  able for everybody. The opportunity is only  for those who want to get it”. (Daniel Cipolat, 2020)

We are living the most important cosmic cycle in the new Golden Era.  As Ervin Laszlo says: "we recognize the non-local interconnection of all things in space and time". There is an inclusive way of understanding that reaffirms the age old instinctive comprehension of deep connections among people, societies and nature, and integrates and transcends classical religious and scientific paradigms.

Ing. Rafael López Guerrero says that the universe is composed of 4% of normal atomic matter, 23% dark matter, 73% dark energy previously thought was empty space, called Akasha. It is like an invisible nervous system that runs through the universe connecting all things. Is Akasha, primary substance, is what forms the space itself and it extends over everything. We are vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe/s. It is just that we are not prepared to perceive this energy. But, what if we perceive different? We develop five minor senses that perceive matter, but… what about other inner senses?

Human history is full of testimonials of those who could develop their inner senses and  made them see deeper inside/outside. Remember Plato, his "Cavern's Theory," where human beings, “only can see as reality the shadows reflected in the cavern's walls". Or Shakespeare in "Midsummer night's Dream", where everybody live a dream, an illusion as reality.



ISSS and SIG´s have basic principals and laws are insufficient to solve actual humanity existence problems. Break programs of the old paradigm such as think and define systems as limited, or that they are separated from the rest of existence. We are at the  beginning of the “Technological Singularity” and “Quantum Supremacy” that produce a revolution in all systems, at all levels, as we know.


When we realize that everything is a unified field, though the ONE system, works in a systemic way, is required to have a 360° multidimensional, non limited, infinite way of observation to perceive it. As a limitless hologram.


New skills such as Openness, flexibility,  elasticity, plasticity are required to develop a multidimensional systemic way of thinking. First, we should detached of what we imagine in an obvious and predictable way. Is important not to be distracted by the “imposed Agenda”, behind distraction scenario unfolds. As an e.g. who could had imagined the possibility of the quick change of the timeline because of a technologic designed microscope organism? Imagine if our own electronic devices can be, occasionally, the most dangerous weapons against ourselves. 

The integration of other intra related sciences: Quantum Physics, Astronomy, Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Numerology, among others, most of them, previously defined as speculative, and new codes of consciousness are needed to get the connection with Universal Cosmic Consciousness.


If we observe from a different multidimensional infinite perspective, in an openminded expanded way, we modify what is observed. So, different multiple unimaginable realities  can be co-created with good efficient results for the “New  Galactic Humanity”.



Unified, One System, Observation, Paradigm, Consciousness.



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