Economía AMABLE: a life-sustaining, fully inclusive humanity


  • Silvia Zweifel Grupo ECONOMÍA AMABLE/GESI (Grupo de Estudio de Sistemas Integrados Asoc. Civil)
  • Pille Bunnell


Is humanity reaching a turning point? A leaping point? Humanity is at the verge of reaching 7 generations alive around the world. What does it mean/provide for? Living experience is of immense value, a hidden value, a key resource in itself for humankind and the web of life it participates in. Humanity has a transgenerational nature: traces from the past and the future are at play in the very present in which individual and collective learning take place. What does learning imply? What does it mean?

Multi-intergenerational mutual support and inter-pollination in every field of activity nurtures individual and collective essential capacities to overcome delicate challenges humanity faces in the entire biosocial spectrum. Each feeling, thought and action counts, since patterns arise and are transformed there.

Shaping desirable futures requires profound cultural innovation: a deep transformation to allow biosocial sustainability and supportive dynamics, enhanced by growing comprehension of the interconnected nature of our world, along with the ability to execute meaningful choices and live joyfully. A way to create a new system out of an existing is envisioning and tuning into a desirable one, spotting the seeds to bring it about, cultivating them with available resources recreating past, present and future through a process-tuning interplay.

Which is the world each one of us would like to live in? This is a key question to foster imagination, tuning into true aspirations, and expanding consciousness of the intricate interdependence within the wide complex system humanity lives.

Is a fully inclusive world within reach? A world for everyone, free from so many categories: race, gender, age, culture, wealth, incomes, and so on.

Could we recognize, honor and nurture the human in the human? The word human is related to humus: fertile land with nutritious power. In fact HEART and EARTH share the same letters and roots: a source for love, sustenance, amiability.

Here we will share key features of a scenario that resulted from prospective imagination exploring questions like the mentioned, in which a joyful vitality on the individual level along with a joyful longevity on the collective is a reality: a creative, innovative, learning society with an inclusive life-sustaining Economía AMABLE. Note that the Spanish word “amable” comes from the Latin amabilitas, which means conducive to love. In English: amiable.   

We will include poems by Pille Bunnell as appropriate in the moment from the following selection: “I see you” “Global change” “Choice” “Tomorrow” “Words Change Thoughts” “Integrity” “Fleeting Meeting” “Children Becoming” “Gaia’s gift” “Path” “It is”; Key features from the “World of NAVIS UTOPIA”, a work of art-science by Silvia Zweifel. As special invitees: Ethan Bonerath will invite us to deeply explore key questions and speak “inside the circle”; Gustavo and David Fernandez Jiménez will enhance our listening with music; Ángelo Zweifel and Paola López will offer a piece of art; Your active participation will kindle the fire promoting a “me-we experience”

The event is inspired by the Banathy conversations and held in honor of Ruth Benedict, a “fore-mother” in system sciences.