#NewMacy Studios Act II: Re-establishing Stability


  • Paul Paul Pangaro Carnegie Mellon University


Pandemics, wicked challenges, Cybernetics, systemic change, ontological security, conversation, ontogenetic resilience, recursive feedback.


In this second #NewMacy session at ISSS 2022, we collectively build foundations for ongoing conversations and collaborations. Each Nested Studio from the first session reports serially in order to seek feedback — with newcomers and new ideas warmly welcomed. (It is not necessary to have attended the Saturday session to understand and contribute.) We continue with the theme of cultivating "ontogenetic resilience.” Each Studio segment operates as a multi-part conversation in which participants organize considerations and critiques, especially in response to the Nested Studios of the first session. Our goal is to develop and expand the #NewMacy conversation so that it may increasingly offer an ever-inclusive and participant-directed platform for both stability and growth. What questions might we ask, what ideas might we explore, and crucially, what concrete steps can we take to support and sustain these conversations? How would framing “#NewMacy-as-a-Service” support a persistent affiliation of ongoing “Global Studios” as part of a #NewMacy Ecosystem that overlaps with other communities and ecosystems already active? Our goal is to harness all critiques and expressions of interest to add momentum to subsequent #NewMacy sessions held throughout 2022 and beyond, both stand-alone and associated with other conferences such as RSD11 in October 2022.

The productive problem we wish to consider in this session is: What’s next — how do we move conversations from this and previous #NewMacy events into a growing Ecosystem of Studios and other dynamic activities — and develop #NewMacy into an increasingly inclusive conversation? What themes are most pressing for our Global Society? How do we act on themes in both expansive and directed ways?

The goal of extending conversation is too often delegated to the development of new technologies. Participant desires, identities, and purposes become an afterthought rather than a reason for being. The #NewMacy Nested Studios structure suggests a reversal to this process, and this second session at ISSS moves to realize this reversal by placing participant conversation as the ignition and blueprint of #NewMacy development.

Locally, this session creates opportunities for dialogue, collaboration, and matchmaking that are intended to encourage an ad hoc network related to the #NewMacy Studios held the previous day. Subsequently and globally, we propose an ongoing, loosely structured affiliation of purposeful conversation through the activation of the #NewMacy Ecosystem. Our methodology is an open conversation and its movement is toward action — a need that is fundamental but so often overlooked. This session is unique in that the methodology is the subject of the session, as catalyzed by the outcomes of the individual Nested Studios from the day before: How do we move from ontological insecurity toward ontogenetic resilience? What conversations must we have, how should they be organized and sustained?

In the absence of physical hallways and lunches, our session serves as an outlet for the crucial process of integration and synthesis, directed toward ongoing and sustainable action. We aim to model recursive conversations and action rather than the linear-driven desire-into-action model dominant in today’s technology and design for “the user.” Feedback loops allow purpose to be considered and re-considered in response to every action so that identities, intentions, and desires may perpetually be cherished and maintained. The #NewMacy Studios intend to explore and perform this recursive feedback loop on a contained scale during the ISSS 2022 sessions with the goal of developing such a model with global impact.