Systemic practice report on COVID-19 patients treated with Traditional Chinese Medicine


  • Thomas Sui Leung WONG Ancient Balance Medicine Education Center Ltd
  • EC HUANG Ancient Balance Medicine Research Institute


COVID-19, Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM, systems practice, Yin-Yang Superficial-Internal Cold-Hot Deficient-Excess spectrums


Abstract [full paper]

COVID-19 has been spreading around the world for more than two years and many strategies has been implemented globally, locally and individually. Investigations has been done on the prevention, vaccination, treatments, and Long-COVID or Post-Covid conditions. In China, the percentage of mild cases developed into severe cases was 10% with only Western Medicine WM treatments, but largely reduced to 4.1% with the help of Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM in 2020. In Wuhan there was only one TCM hospital and they treated 564 patients with 0% of mild cases developed into severe case, and no medical officers were infected. Hong Kong was very lucky to have enough vaccine for everyone shortly after the vaccine were produced. Although some people produced side effects, TCM were employed were overcame such side effects. However with the 5th wave attack by the virus in Feb 2022, 1.2M people were reported to have infected and 9000 passed away. Unofficial estimation even believe that half of the population, 4M, were being infected unreported or without symptoms. With the help of Zoom distance consultation and the courier systems in Hong Kong, our partner clinic employed a systemic approach guided by the theory of TCM to treat 10 infected patients who produced symptoms including fever, headache, sore throat, and tiredness. Their ages ranged from teenager to those in their 60s, and half of them were not vaccinated. Our TCM treatments also helped another 4 long-COVID patients to eliminated their symptoms within one week who did not receive TCM treatment during their infected period. We would report such a systemic practice showing the systems thinking and theories employed. TCM do not eliminate the virus directly with the treatments but rather do systemically balance the human body systems so that they can deal with the virus naturally. The fundamental Yin-Yang spectrums to balance are Superficial-Internal, Cold-Hot, and Deficient-Excess spectrums. Three types of reactions to the external pathogens were classified in TCM, namely the Left-Hot, Middle-Mild, and the Right-Cold, where the Left-Hot has 4 levels of severeness, Middle-Mild has 3 levels, and the Right-Cold has 6 levels. The balance of the 3 fundamental Yin-Yang spectrums are different at all of these severeness levels and need to be balanced accordingly.

Author Biographies

Thomas Sui Leung WONG, Ancient Balance Medicine Education Center Ltd

Lecturer, Ancient Balance Medicine Education Center Ltd. 
Researcher, Ancient Balance Medicine Research Institute.
1999 - Master of Engineering in Telecommunications (by research), Australia Telecommunication Research Institute, Curtin University of Technology, Australia.
1998 - Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou University of TCM, China. Include one year full-time internship in Guangdong Provincial hospital of TCM at different departments.
1992 - Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology with first class honours (by research), University of Western Australia, Australia.

EC HUANG, Ancient Balance Medicine Research Institute

Researcher - Ancient Balance Medicine Research Institute