General Systems Mathematics and Languaging SIG - 2022 Conference Workshop


  • James N Rose Ceptual Institute


The workshop will be a Planning Meeting to set a year agenda between this conference and next year's in 2023; and for future years including 5 year and 10 year horizons

    Goals and Principles of the Math Languages SIG

    Set internal groups with Topic leaders (eg Category theory, Cybernetics, Equations properties, Relations modeling ; [open] )

    Methods .. and optional approaches.

    Meetings ... schedule regular internal sub-groups meetings, and, Quarterly full SIG

         conversation meetings  [quarterly meetings open to all ISSS members]

    Open Proposals discussed from individuals and for internal topics groups

    Interests Recommendations /Requests of SIG members

    Syntegration of math analysis fields

    Syntegration with other SIGs   - Semiotics discussions ... Math and Vernacular Languages

    Outreach - inform ISSS membership we will take requests from other SIGs for assistance

        modeling their focus topics etc.

    Outreach recommendations towards connecting with ISSS sister organizations which are      

        heavily Mathematics oriented

    Publication options ... in-house for Newsletter and external




Author Biography

James N Rose, Ceptual Institute

General Systems Analyst