Systems Literacy In Practice


  • Peter Tuddenham College of Exploration


Systems literacy, whole, principles, big ideas, education, concepts, symbols, holism, processes


Systems Literacy has been a topic in ISSS since a paper written by Fred Cowell was presented by Fred Cowell at the ISSS Annual Conference in 1992 in Denver. In 2015 Peter Tuddenham challenged attendees at the ISSS Annual Conference in Berlin 2015 to engage in a process to develop a Systems Literacy definition and identify 7 key big ideas with supporting concepts to create a guide to Systemts Literacy. This recent work is modelled on guides for Ocean Literacy, Earth Science Literay, Atmospheric Scient Literacy and Climate Literacy among others. A recent survey was conducted of ISSS members asking them to describe the characteristics of a systems literate person and organization. Progress will be presented and invitation extended to focus on a draft document by the ISSS Annual meeting in 2023.