Introducing Systems Thinking Concepts, Tools and Principles within Collaborative Program Evaluation: A Case Study


  • Luis Pinzon-Salcedo
  • Maria Alejandra Torres-Cuello


systems thinking, evaluation, program evaluation, systemic methodology


Usually, the introduction of systems thinking concepts in the program evaluation field has been mainly intended to support evaluation practice, rather than towards making theoretical advancements in the field of evaluation. This presentation introduces systems thinking concepts, tools and principles at the theoretical and practical levels in the program evaluation field. We illustrate how these systemic elements were used in the evaluation of a peace-building program called the Hermes Program. In particular, we will show how these systemic elements can be used within the context of collaborative program evaluation. We describe the theoretical development of the proposed evaluation methodology and explain how it was implemented in evaluating the Hermes Program. This application exemplifies the value of continuing to explore how systems thinking can benefit both the theory and the practice of evaluation.