Platform for (Nonlinear) System of Accounts for Global Entropy Production, SAGE-P

Marcus Friend AMF


Objective: to create an open access platform for (nonlinear) accounting algorithms enabling the construction of the LEF for any well-defined dynamical economic, social and natural systems (see Appendix I). The central idea is the seamless mapping of ordinal-valued objects/function upon any well-defined topographical domain space of the Econosphere, where values are conserved-in-exchange or prices, the Sociophere, where values are conserved-in-use or participation rates and the Ecosphere, where values are conserved-inthemselves or existential, (Friend, 2016). 2 Unique to SAGE-P is the discovery of algorithms of entailment which enables the matrix mapping of propositional logic, (i.e., qualities of the accounting objects/functions measured in ordinal values) on empirical evidence, (i.e., quantities of the accounting objects/functions measured in cardinal values). The 3 analysis of qualities permits the development of a hierarchical-structured value system: objects/functions conserved-in-existence > conserved-in-use > conserved-in-exchange. The accounts, and thus the algorithms employed, are set-theoretic nested structures.

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