Toward a transdisciplinary framework of the Field of Study of Communication based on the Cybersystemic approach

Isaias Badillo-Piña, Sandra Leticia Murillo-Sandoval, Ricardo Tejeida-Padilla, Ignacio Enrique Peón-Escalante


At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the academic field of study of communication has been related with “the expansion of understanding and observation of the processes of communication, cognition and information, not only with the synthesis or integration. The focus is to observe the differences and similarities between information, cognition, meaning, intelligence, mind and communication and proposing an integral synthesis for the communication phenomenon.


The aim of this paper was to build a unified framework for understanding the concept of communication in the physical, biological and human domains, through their systemic interrelations.


The Cybersystemic approach helps to elucidate differences and similarities in the systems of knowledge that involve the communication phenomena. Systemic design research integrates and organizes existing knowledge through Systems Sciences principles.

From an exploration review, this paper presents a systemic framework for the study of the communication phenomena under the outline of its holodynamic evolutionary process toward a higher level of complexity of an integrated communication phenomenon.


Research provides a starting point toward a unified understanding of the communication phenomena, under a conceptual approach that describes and explains a broader definition.

As a result, the cybersystemic framework allows an open dialogue through a multidisciplinary language of Systems Science and toward a better understanding the concept of communication[1].

[1] Some of these ideas are presented in the ISSS, 2016 Meeting as a research paper titled: A Communication System for Socio-Ecological Processes.


Cybersystemic, Communication Theory, Systems Science

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