Measuring the Level of Political System Literacy Through the Election Pledges of South Korean Electoral Candidates

Yeon-soo(Youn-soo) Shim(Sim)


I analyze unfamiliar aspects of the political system in the South Korean local elections held on June 13, 2018. In particular, an analysis of the election promises made by the mayoral candidates of Gwangju Metropolitan City and superintendent candidates of the Gwangju Metropolitan Office of Education suggest that they lack political system literacy, a concept that is defined in general and as a means of cultivating democracy in South Korea. The election promises presented to voters are analyzed in terms of political system literacy in relation to current issues in city governance and to problems in public education. One conclusion from this analysis is that better efforts must be made to educate the future leaders of the South Korean political system from an early age to improve their political system literacy.


system literacy, political system literacy, election promises, South Korean politics, Gwangju Metropolitan City

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