Systemic Integration of Space Integrations in Mexico

Cirilo Gabino Leon Vega, Luis A. Iturri Hinojosa, Elvira Avalos Villareal


The construction of a space launch base in Mexico, has as its objective the spatial technological development through a systemic method which consists of three stages within which there are five phases and within them there are eight sub phases; This method allowed determining the following results: Detection of the problem; make the diagnosis; the solution proposal, and the planning to achieve the objective.

The limitation of this work is that it cannot be guaranteed that there will be technological spatial development since it is the responsibility of the Mexican State to implement the corresponding policies to thus achieve it. The originality of this article is that it is treated with a deductive approach, and we find that there is no technological development in the country and it is essential to have it for integral growth.


technological development, systemic method, launch base, Mexico.

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