Nested Levels of Organized Systems: A New Model of Multiple Nested Interacting Entropies that Result in the Production of Complexity

James N Rose


A single holistic theory for how the universe is organized, and how its diversity of scales and systems coordinate and perform together, may yet be obtainable.  But not within the current paradigms. We are stopped by some foundational misunderstandings within mathematics that forced the impasse we are currently at  ‑ especially the discontinuity between relativity and quantum mechanics ‑ especially the discontinuity between physics/chemistry and biology/sociology/economics.  A solution is presented, illuminating and defining mathematical relations previously ignored/unidentified.  A third model that interfaces Prigogine’s statistical emergence of complexity and Mandelbot’s fractal (non-statistical) emergence of complexity.


Integrity Paradigm ; communication ; general theory of entropy~negentropy ; systems philosophy ; information access

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