Proposal of a Capability Maturity Model for Health and Productivity Management

Tomoko Takehara, Seiko Shirasaka


Currently, as society progresses, it faces a challenge of increased social security expenses. It is important for companies to promote health, in order to suppress the growth of social security expenses. Considering this, Number of the companies that start Health and Productivity Management (HPM) is increasing. To help individuals who are responsible for HPM, we propose the following two items. The first is a capability maturity model for health and productivity management (CMM-HPM) and the second is a guideline to utilize the CMM-HPM in accordance3 with the objectives. The validity of the CMM-HPM and the guidelines were evaluated for 41 companies. The 41 companies are selected from companies listed in “Health and Productivity Management (HPM) Stock Selection” examples of efficiently conducting HPM in previous research, and the “Corporate case study on HPM activities” by Japan Economic Organization Federation. The results confirm the validity of the CMM-HPM and the guideline.


Capability Maturity Model, Health and Productivity Management

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