Toward a Diagnosis of Viability of Small Manufacturing Enterprises. Case: Metal Mechanic Industry

Marcos Salinas-Reyes, Isaias Badillo-Piña, Ricardo Tejeida-Padilla


The purpose of this research is to determine, from the point of view of Systems Science, the weak organizational viability of Small Manufacturing Enterprises (SMEs) in order to advice how to raise its organizational and functional structure to face market complexity , for example attenuating the factors which affect the operation to early close enterprise . To achieve this end it were identified and ranked the most frequent factors that cause early closure of SMEs, these data were analyzed conceptually based on the Model of Viable Systems, defining a total of 30 (thirty) elements that, empirically, provide the benchmarks for diagnosing and redesigning the organizational and functional operation of an SME in order to viable organization, that is, not only to maintain its existence but to transcend the variety of market.


Viability, SMEs, Viable System Model, Variety

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