A Systemic Approach of the Technological Innovation Process in Mexico

Brenda García, Alfredo Delgado, Mario Aguilar, Oswaldo Matamoros, Isaias José Badillo, Abraham Briones, David Sistos, Juan Enrique Núñez


Schumpeter points out that innovation is a dynamic force that causes the continuous transformation of social, institutional and economic structures which ensures a plausible quality of life of its inhabitants. Innovation is a complex process of interactions between different actors can be understood best as a system where different social and institutional agents interact and promote the innovation and the development of the countries. To try to understand the complexity of this process were studied 41 variables which were related through network analysis and it was found emergent properties that reveal that less than 10 % of the variables are relevant and there are political and social, this result was mainly in developing countries like Mexico which was analyzed from 1980 to 2015. The results also show that these actors found in systemic innovation process have hampered the efficiency of the process.


Systemic Approach, Innovation, Networks

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