Symmathesy--A Word in Progress

Nora Bateson


This work is a prologue on the development of the term Symmathesy to refer to the charactieristic of living systems best described as mutual learning. The term Symmathesy is a combination of the greek prefix "sym" meaning togther, combined with the greek word "mathesi" meaning learning. A Symmathesy is defined as either a noun or a verb. Symmathesy provides a language to study the processes of mutual learning through communication, relationship, interaction, play, interdependency and contextual evolution. This is a beginning effort to name the study of the liminal realm between the chaos of change in an ever evolving set of interactions, and the order of the context which is itself an interface. 

Symmathesy  (Noun): An entity composed by contextual mutual learning through interaction. This process of interaction and mutual learning takes place in living entities at larger or smaller scales of symmathesy. Symmathesy (Verb): The process of interaction, in its multiple variables, that produces a mutual learning context.


Mutual Leaning, ecology, symmathesy, lving systems, interface, calibration, play, second order, context, transcontextual, Mind,

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