Anthropocene? Yes, but Stratified – Measuring Existing Societies with Civilization Level Index

Jason Jixuan Hu



This paper extends the authors previous work discussed at 2014 ISSS Conference, “Civilization Level Index (CLI): A Systemic Instrument for Measuring the Level of Development, or How Human Are We Actually Becoming.” Since the theme of this year’s conference is Anthropocene, it is relevant that we recognize as clear as possible what humanity exactly is and how human we are at current time. The biological definition of humanity has been clear even it starts being challenged by frontier researches in artificial intelligence and genome engineering. But the consensus of sociological and anthropological definition of humanity in this planet has yet to be formed at the global level. Civilization Level Index is a candidate tool for clarifying this issue. However, a full scale implementation of CLI measurement is a huge project requiring institutional support that is yet to be found, the author as an independent researcher can only initialize the first step, i.e. to use limited data available from the internet to present a small subset of CLI here for discussion and for attracting interests of cooperation for further work. 


Civilization Level Index, Measurement, Multi-Layer Self-Organization, Stratified Anthropocene, country development.

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