Sense-Making between and across Stakeholder Perspectives

Javier Calvo-Amodio, Shannon Flumerfelt


The CX Tool© provides a visual Tool© for creating congruence between what is known, thinking, and what is done, doing, within a socio-technical system. It guides the analyst by identifying six elements contained within thinking, Organizational Intelligence, and doing, Performance Management, dimensions. Three elements define Organizational Intelligence: Essential Ideas; Essential Processes/Protocols/Structures; and Essential Assessments/Audits. Three elements define Performance Management: Essential Actions; Essential Standards; and Essential Deliverables. The CX Tool© allows analysts to assign congruency scores between elements horizontally and vertically while allowing comparisons between current and desired state of the system. The CX Tool© does not distinguish between stakeholders’ perspectives, a feature that, when faced with complex and/or complicated systems, may prove critical. In this research the authors propose a conceptual framework to incorporate different stakeholders’ perspectives into the CX Tool©. A short case study is presented to illustrate how different stakeholders’ perspectives can be incorporated and quantified.


CX Tool; sense-making; system congruency

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