Application of the Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) for Management of Laboratory Hazardous Wastes

Giuliana Baccarin, Luciana Oranges Cezarino, Lara Bartocci Liboni, Adriana Cristina Ferreira Caldana, Dante Pinheiro Martinelli


Higher education institutions generate a significant amount of wastes in their laboratories. Toxic reagents can react to other chemicals and form unknown products which are dangerous to both human and environment. Despite the severity of the situation, these wastes are not always discarded properly due to either lack of awareness by students and employees or lack of follow-up inspection. As education institutions, the universities should be the best example of how to manage their wastes and therefore show concern about the environment. This work is aimed at applying the Soft Systems Methodology (SSM) for management of hazardous wastes in a laboratory at the Federal University of Uberlândia, including their storage and disposal, in order to improve the awareness by those involved in scientific laboratory research about this issue


Reagents, hazardous wastes, SSM, laboratories

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