A Systemic and Hyperdimensional Model of a Conscious Cosmos and the Ontology of Consciousness in the Universe

Chris H. Hardy


The existence of consciousness in the universe as a consequent dimension of reality and a force able to shape material reality has to be integrated in cosmological physics theories whose stated aim is to describe the whole universe. General Systems Theory is a substantial global systemic framework that, blended with hyperdimensional physics, can ground such modeling.

It is a fact that only by positing hyperdimensions can actual physics succeeds in reaching a near-unification of the four forces by blending the frameworks of Relativity Theory and Quantum Mechanics (such as in Witten’s 11-dimensional M-Theory). This paper argues that the only way to integrate the dimension of consciousness in a theory of the universe is by modeling a complex hyperdimension of consciousness (or ‘syg hyperdimension’) consisting in complex semantic fields (operating at all levels, from the cosmic to the biosystems levels), and entwined with a hyperspace and hypertime. The well substantiated ‘nonlocal’ dynamics of consciousness, experimentally evidenced, show mind processes constantly violating Newtonian-Einsteinian space and time constraints, and following instead complex systems dynamics based on connectivity and meaning.

The Infinite Spiral Staircase theory (ISST) postulates that this triune hyperdimension operates at a sub-quantum scale, at the origin of the universe before the very Planck scale that allows the existence of particles (matter), as well as space and time. It is a Kaluza-Klein compact 5th dimension with a bulk pervading and encompassing our universe; the virtual particles of tachyonic speed populating it, the sygons, instantiate the very meaning-driven dynamics of our minds and allow for instant connectivity at a distance and two-way influences between semantic fields or minds and bio- and matter- systems.


Systemic cosmology; General Systems Theory; Hyperdimension of consciousness; Hyperspace; Ontology of consciousness.

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