A Systemic Approach to Language and Symbolic Representation

Berna Leticia Valle Canales


In the scientific worldview it is common that we ask our-self how to label the objects and concepts with an appropriated name that describes, defines and diagnoses the thing than we are talking about. In this everyday effort the International Council on Systems Engineering (ICSE) and the International Society for the Systems Sciences development the endeavor “Common Language for Systems Praxis Project” (IFS, 2012).

As part of this common language in the ICSE they identify, explore, and understand the patterns of complexity across next views: 1) The source of the systems thinking or Foundation of the System Science, 2) The systems science theories and 3) The Representation of the System Science (IFSS, 2012).

The present proposal is a contribution to Foundation of the System Science and has been based in the Semiotic view of complex phenomena through the graphs and networks tools of Representation of the Systems Science.

In the First part It is describes why the use of complex science tools in social field. Next it has explained how is the link between Network Theory and Semiotic. Third part presents the results of an application of the approach. Finally it is show some brief conclusions.



language, systemic, semiotics

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