Proceedings of the 58th Annual Meeting of the ISSS - 2014 United States, Proceedings of the 58th Meeting of ISSS, Washington DC, USA, July 2014

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An evolutionary framework for global sustainability education: An integral, posthuman perspective.

Brett R. Joseph


This article offers a perspective for disciplined inquiry into the proposition that a sustainable 21st century global community is attainable, but urgently requires intervention by civil society to transform our major educational systems via consciously-guided evolutionary learning.  As an affirmative framework for global citizenship, evolutionary learning invites expanded visions of humanity and enables healthy societal development through the emergence of human-ecological syntony. The envisioned framework for educational change would lead to engaged learning that develops the human capacities for values-based inquiry across the full spectrum of socially organized and technologically-mediated human activities, while supporting the emergence of human culture that embodies the stability, generativity and resilience of healthy natural systems.

Keywords: educational systems design, evolutionary learning, evolutionary consciousness, posthuman, integral theory, global citizenship.  

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