Luis Sancho


The Universe and all its parts, made to the image and likeness of the whole, are ten dimension Superorganisms.

The substances of those Superorganisms are lineal space=energy and cyclical time=information, 2 dual concepts that express the fundamental duality of the Universe between lineal distances/motions and cyclical clocks/forms.

The mind perceives in stillness the moving energy of the vacuum as lines of space=distance – the shortest geometry between two points - and the in-form-ation of the Universe carried in the temporal, cyclical clocks and frequencies, traced by vortices of charges and masses, as spherical particles – the geometry, which stores more information in lesser space.

Yet the substances of reality are quantum, lineal forces of energy and cyclical vortices of time, which combine to create the ∞ complementary superorganisms of the Universe, all of them made with spherical particle/heads of information sum of multiple time cycles, fields/limbs of energy that move them & waves/bodies that reproduce the system.

As a result of this duality all systems perform only 2x2 type of dimensional actions: Individually they absorb Energy for its body/limbs (feeding/motion) and Information for its mind; socially they use their surplus of energy to reproduce its form, (ExI) and they gather in herds around networks of energy and information that distribute efficiently those 2 elements, creating bigger whole superorganisms, fitter to survive than the individual ‘cell’.

The complex sum of all those time cycles and lineal energy motions give birth to the fundamental ‘species’ of the Universe, a 10D superorganism, composed of 3 elements - heads/particles of information that guide limbs/fields of energy, and combine in waves/bodies that reproduce the system - which extend through:

 -3 local, organic, finite dimensions of spatial energy: length, the direction of limbs/fields in motion; height the location of informative particles/heads; and its re-product-ive product, width.

Those superorganisms grow through their 3 diffeomorphic dimensions, which enact its 3 organic functions in time, with a temporal order given by the dominance and increase of its information from birth to extinction, in a life-death cycle of 3±i ages:

+i: Birth in a lower ‘fractal scale of space-time’

- Max. E: Past =youth or ‘energy age’ of maximal lineal motion.

-  E=I: Present=steady state maturity, or age of balance between energy and information when the system iterates its form, creating its clonic offspring that makes the Universe both dynamic and immortal=seemingly unchanged.

- Max.I: Future, 3rd age of information, as energy warps into form (forces into masses & charges) till becoming exhausted.

-i: Death: The system dissolves into its parts, in a big-bang of energy that returns its form back to its cellular scale.

Thus, Universal systems extend through 3 ±i scales of complexity, its i-1 cellular, seminal scale, from where they emerge as individuals to become Relative Fractal, cellular units/points/parts of their bigger i+1 social scale or whole 3x3+i=10 Di superorganism, till death dissolves it back.

While from a continuous pov, all those fractal i-scales form a 5th ‘classic’ Dimension.

Thus all life-death cycles are a journey through 3x3±i relative scales of the 5th dimension; defined by a metric equation, Se x Ti=K, such as smaller scales have more information as its time clocks run faster, but their product remains co-invariant, reason why superorganisms of different scales have the same power and lifespan.

I.e. insects perceive 10 times faster than humans but live a maximal of 7 years, which insects will perceive as 7 x 10=70 life years of experience, the humans age.

Thus all superorganisms show 5 isomorphisms: 

1) Duality of Energy and Information;

2) Ternary, topological, organic dimensions of space;

3) 3±i ages and life-death cycle;

4) 4 actions: Max. E, Max. I, Exi, ∑Ex∏I 

5) 3 scales of existence. GST is the science that studies them.




superorganisms, universe, spacetime, dimensions, isomorphisms, energy, information, time, general systems sciences, fractals, scales, hierarchy theory, emergence

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