Cirilo Gabino León Vega, Oscar Dolores Vázquez, Luis Alejandro Iturri Hinojosa


Technology management is the process of directing all activities geared to a public or private institution to make the most efficient use of technology.

Technology is created through joint expertise, scientifically arranged, to design and create goods and/or services that facilitate daily life. These skills are acquired in educational institutions and finally applied in technological development industry by acquisition or through research. Within space technology, this can be done through space agencies.

In this paper the major space agencies are: National Aeronautics and Space Administration        (NASA), Russian Federal Space Agency (ROSCOSMOS), China National Space Administration (CNSA) and European Space Agency (ESA), which systemically work with industry and academia integrating basic and applied scientific research in each country.

The Mexican Space Agency (AEM) is the youngest space agency. Unlike its predecessors, it has failed to integrate basic and applied scientific research to the productive sector as demonstrated throughout this document. 


Technological Development, Space Agencies, NASA, ROSCOSMOS, Mexican Space Agency.

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