Connecting the DOTS: The Design Of Thrivable Systems through the power of Collective Intelligence.

Alexander Laszlo


Meeting and Conference of the international Society for the Systems Sciences focuses on the meta-theme of Curating the Conditions for a Thrivable Planet.  It has been conceived as a living learning lab for collective intelligence so as to provide its participants with a set of total immersion environments in which to explore our role as systems scientists, and beyond that, as members of a globalizing species at this time in history.  As such, the conference provides individual and collective opportunities to foster that basic feeling of being connected, to explore what it means to be Appreciative Systems, to manifest new levels of community, and fundamentally, to evolve the narrative of our role as authors of the conscious evolution of our species.  Through this process, we will address the principal theme of the conference this year: the search for systemic leverage points for the emergence of a global eco-civilization.