The Relations between Two Koreas under Roh Moo-hyun Administration: Matter-Energy and Information Flow

Yeon-soo Shim


Under the Roh Moo-hyun administration(2003–2008), two Koreas continued improvement in relations begun by the previous Kim Dae-jung administration. The flow of matter-energy and information between two Koreas consistently expanded during these administrations. Comparing growth rates in information and matter-energy, we find that the growth rate in information ran faster than that in matter-energy from 1989 to 1994; since 1995, both have run at a similar rate. This shows that the two Koreas recognized the relative advantage of information in relation to matter-energy, but focused on the flow of matter-energy. The two Korean governments recognized the significance of the state of affairs in the region surrounding the Korean Peninsula. At the same time, external pressure had a significant influence on the two Koreas’ relationship. Historically, the two Koreas’ relationship has been dependent on external pressure from the big powers.


Roh Moo-hyun Administration, matter-energy and information, relations between two Koreas.

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