Existing and Emerging Methods for Integrating Theories Within and Between Disciplines

Steve Wallis


For natural systems or service systems most research may be categorized as inductive or deductive. While these are good for “normal” science, more interesting revolutions in science may occur when a deep thinker considers two theories and seeks to compare, contrast, and combine them. Galileo and Einstein both began with this kind of approach. Because of the paradigmatic revolutions they triggered, we all lead much richer lives. Were they unique in their ability to seek and find new insights from existing theories? Or, is this an approach that we all may use? In this paper, we will investigate multiple methods for integrating theories to determine which ones might be more useful. The results suggest that more rigorous methods provide a more useful and more systemic approach to integrating theories.


Metatheory, Robustness, Critical Integrative Metatheory, Propositional Analysis, Reflexive Dimensional Analysis, Formal Grounded Theory

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