Information Ability Process and Information System as Reality Modeling Tools.

Juan David Arango


We all agree on wanting a better world, the issue is working out the details.

This essay explores reality. It looks at reality as an impredicative (self-contained) model, where there is an observer-actor with informational ability (infoability) that creates models. Those models are information (attribution of meaning) and serve this observer-actor-with-infoability (living being) as a guide to transform reality.

As the title indicates, two basic models are used to explore reality: the system and the process. These two models seem to create circularity, but there is no circularity in reality; in reality there is simultaneity. Reality exists only at present, and the living being uses memory to save the observed events creating systems. The chain of those memorized systems, which are one process, create the past for the living being’s reality. In turn, that living being is using its infoability, pondering those events, creating probable scenarios and choosing the most meaningful outcome the living being makes a decision and creates the future.


reality; meaning; informational ability; information; life; decision; communication; living being; model; system; process; event; scenarios

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