Analyzing and Improving Chicken Meat Supply Chain Using Beer's VSM, SCOR model and Ackoff's Circular Organization

Kosar Darivandi Shoushtari, Hossein Ghasemi, Mansooreh Zarezadeh


This paper deals with diagnosing broiler meat supply chain and designing a new metasystemic (in cybernetic terms) structure for it in Iran. The analysis has been informed by functionalist, interpretive and emancipatory paradigms. A combination of Beer's VSM and SCOR model are utilized for analyzing the situation.  Resourced-based view is used in a complementary role for analyzing system2 requirements and strategic environmental relations. A new structure is proposed for the managerial body of the supply chain applying Ackoff's circular organization model which will relieve existing deficiencies.


The Viable System Model, Broiler Meat Supply Chain, Resource-based View, Circular Organization

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