Resilience, a necessary property for the Housing Problem of Ushuaia: the inherent factor for the Governance

Tariana Maia Gessaga, Ricardo Andres Frias


The city of Ushuaia, located in Tierra del Fuego (Argentina), and other urban conglomerates in Latin America, are undergoing into a crisis in urban areas, where the housing problem is shown as the witness and most obvious symptom of the crisis. The explosive population growth that has experienced Ushuaia from the '70s to these days has triggered various crises of urban and social type. Among the housing problems that have been generated we can stress the strong friction between different sectors of the people, neighbours with unsolvable housing problem that intrude state land. On the other hand there are neighbours who are opposed to these intrusions, but there are government sectors that sympathize with the intruders, so there are no government actions to prevent such activities and a significant number of laws are violate. All these factors generate the frame of a strained social situation in the city.
The native forest deforestation, pollution of freshwater rivers, the precarious living conditions of some people, the lack of systemic and coordinated politics driving by government agencies, the intransigence of some neighbours and the culture of citizens in general, result in a social crisis from which no one knows the outcome
The resilience of this society involved as a voluntary emergent property of it, can be one of the references approaches to begin a path in order to search of sustainable solutions that contribute to governance for a young State with a whole future ahead.
There are several management tools to address complex problems such as the one we have just described. These management tools and its applications will be discussed on this paper, hoping that can contribute to create the foundations for a possible settlement of the conflict. We believe that this analysis can drive to a sustainable self-organizing social system of the city of Ushuaia, in an almost immediate future.


Housing problem, resilience, governance, sintegrity, self-organization

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