Knowledge Inheritance in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Jifa Gu, Rui Gao, Lantao Li, Zhengxiang Zhu, Wuqi Song


Traditional Chinese Medicine has his old history and accumulated a lot of rich experiences and thoughts, but how can we inherit them is a difficult problems, since some of them are tacit knowledge.

From 2006 we had participated into a large project sponsored by Ministry of Science and Technology. The purpose of this large project was designed for collecting and maintaining the idea, experiences, knowledge and wisdom from selected 100 veteran TCM masters. We wish use the advanced IT technology and systems science to mine the main ideas and experiences from each of them and also to find their collective experiences and thoughts. We also wish to improve the old traditional master-disciple education method in TCM to learn the phronesis from the veteran TCM doctors.


traditional Chinese medicine, TCM, master-disciple education

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