The System and Control Theory in the Vipassana Meditation of the Noble Eightfold Path as taught by Buddha -understanding meditation with the Taichi Yin-Yang system in modern terminologies

Thomas Sui Leung WONG, Jotin KHISTY, Timothy A GOLDEN, E C Yan HUANG


The theory in the Vipassana Noble Eightfold meditation technique of Buddha is believed to be the Theory of Everything. However, Chinese believed that the Taichi Yin-Yang theory is the Theory of the Universe. Albert Einstein and Richard Feynman believed in the unity of all the equations and theories of physics to explain the nature. Could they be the different truth of the universe? Or they are all the truth of the universe but only illustrated in different terminologies? It is believed that the latter one is the case. The links between these theories are illustrated in this paper using modern system and control theories.

The evolution of science gave birth to our modern materialistic world. Does this materialism contradict with our spirituality? It is believed that both of them follow the Theory of Everything. All the contradictions arise only because of human beings, who tried to control and manipulate the universe to suit their frame of reference involving cravings, aversions and ignorance. The practice of Vipassana meditation allows us to realize the union of materialism and spirituality, because Vipassana helps us to acquire the ultimate wisdom, to be the master of our own mind, and to be able to make decisions base not on emotions but on compassion.

Buddha explained the theory of our universe but said that the ultimate truth cannot be explained in the words and concepts that we use to communicate. Our common senses are based on pattern differentiation. Our communications are based on languages. And the fundamental of all languages are mathematical logic, set theory, and Taichi Yin-Yang system theory, which all are again based on differentiation. Buddha said that the ultimate truth is without differentiation, which is beyond our common senses and our communication abilities. However, Buddha taught a method for everyone of us to experience the ultimate truth ourselves. The beauty of this method is that it is simple, practical and realistic, involving no sectarianism, no imagination and no super-natural power. The method is similar to a virus cleaning program that will eliminates all the impurities within our mind, allowing us to experience the ultimate truth. Even though the ultimate truth cannot be explained in words, the Vipassana method itself is within our basic concepts and hence can be explained in terms of system and control theories.

The Taichi, boundary, of this system is the "purification of my mind". According to the Taichi Yin-Yang theory, the Yin-Yang combo will be formed in different parts of the system namely the internal part, and the superficial part which acts as the interface between the internal and the external of the system. Research reveals that the internal Yin component of Vipassana method is equanimity, the balance of the mind, and the Yang component is our awareness. The superficial Yin component is wisdom and the Yang component is compassion. Our goal of regulation is to keep both parts of this system working within the balanced range of the Cold-Hot and Deficiency-Excess spectrum.

The preparation stage of Vipassana meditation is Anapana meditation, the concentration of the mind through the observation of the breath. Research shows that the technique requires the observer to fix the frame of reference on the entrance of the nose. Then observe the flow of air during breathing in and breathing out. However, only the polarity of the first derivative of the flow of air at this moment is observed. That is, whether the breath is coming in or going out at this moment. The value of the derivative, the second and higher derivatives, the memory of the past moments, or the prediction of the coming moments should all be ignored.
This paper will demonstrate our research of the Vipassana meditation technique as taught by S.N. Goenka globally nowadays, in terms of the Taichi Yin-Yang system theory which is now structured in terms of modern system and control theories with our research.


Control Theory, Differentiation & Integration, System Theory, Spirituality and systems, The Taichi Yin-Yang system, The Four Noble Truths, Vipassana Noble Eightfold Path of Buddha, The Theory of Everything, Vipassana Meditation As Taught By S.N. Goenka

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