Toward a Spiritual System in Organization through Spiritual Leadership

Hamid Reza Qasemi


Leadership has a key role in organization by developing and directing structures and systems. Spiritual leadership is an emerging approach in organizational leadership literature. In context of spiritual leadership, there are many models and patterns that each them describe a kind of spirituality in leadership of organizations. Spirituality has a unity in itself but different people understand it in different ways. Spirituality is necessary for organizations and they need to develop a spiritual system to satisfy human resources. Here, there are some questions: how we can classify them or identify their types? How can organizations use spirituality through leadership to develop a system?
This paper reviews some spiritual leadership models, and provides a typology about them. The typology includes identifying meanings, motives; definitions and typification of different spiritual leadership models in literature of organization and management. This is to do through a typological analysis, and supposes a spiritual system based on spiritual leadership.


spiritual system, spiritual leadership, model, organization.

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