Ignacio Enrique Peon-Escalante, Francisco Javier Aceves, Isaias José Badillo


There is a large collection of systemic and non-systemic methods, and even a metamethodology for the adequate selection of a systemic method for each problematic situation, but at the same time there is a void of systemic tools for the design of methods. We have two main objectives in this article; the first one is to document some of our initial advances in the design of a tool for the innovation of methods, a metamethodology for systemic design of methodologies that link systemic and non-systemic methods, and its parts. The second objective is to open a constructive dialogue on this issue with other systemic researchers that are working on this theme, we are interested in their advances, and we also want to exchange information and critical points of view with an open mind to different approaches. The design of the metamethodology is under the transdisciplinary approach to systems science.

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