Enrique Orduñez-Zavala, Isaias José Badillo, Ignacio Peon-Escalante


After describing some basic concepts of this theme, such as consciousness, brain, mind and physical field, it is conjectured with some arguments: a) the existence of a consciousness field, which could be a characteristic of each human being, and b) the possibility of integrating all of the individual fields into a more complex and influential consciousness field.

According to the researchers cited on the paper, all the structure of matter, energy and information in our body, from the very beginning of the life, enfolds the universe in some way.

The basic conjecture is that the matter, energy and information from the universe activates the brain and nervous systems which in turn produce and overall experience in which memory, logic, sentiments, awareness, perception, cognition, and perhaps more processes, are combined in to a whole system of consciousness.

In this work some ideas related with the cognitive consciousness and the necessary field associated with this attribute of the human being are exposed

Finally, the potentiality of this unique field is suggested to help solving some individual and social problems to cooperate to the human evolution.

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