How To Look Across The Room

John Nathan Ong


How To Look Across The Room
John N. Ong
803 W. Tyler Ave., Fairfield, IA 52556
The combined "inness" and "outness" of our sense experience, such as seeing and looking and hearing and listening, has been systematically investigated from the physical input, psychic output and combined perspectives. For completeness, both the Seer and Attention in the proposed analogies for perception. Phenomena rationalized by the combined analogies included interruption of the physical chain of events, coherence of and location of images, separate seeing of the eyes, and stability of the viewed world. Also the dual physical and psychic nature of our senses was verified by examples of distant looking and listening. We structured our knowledge of the senses by an Absolute Theory of Attention from the Vedic tradition. Connections of sense experience with the Divine were made with spiritual traditions worldwide. Including the subjective aspects of Attention and Seer in the combined analogy does not interfere with normal ways of gaining knowledge.

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