The Uses of the SystemicCybernetic Approach in Human Affairs: a call for practice

Charles Francois


It is surprising to see - after more than 50 years of theoretical developments and quite a number of papers dedicated by systemists to practical complex situations- that the systemic-cybernetic approach to global messes (as typified by R. Ackoff) is still widely ignored by most leaders in business, economics, syndical unions, administration and politics (at any level), and even non-governmental organizations. This is a discouraging story of missed opportunities for a better management of human affairs in general, avoiding disasters or creating new possibilities through a keener understanding of the past and a wider appreciation of future possibilities, whether negative or positive.
The paper is an attempt to define a methodology for the practical use of the systemic-cybernetic global array of tools and models


Cybernetics- Global messes - Synergies - Systemic approach

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