Searching Effective Policies to Prevent Bird flu Pandemic in Bandung City Using Agent Based Simulation

Santi Novani, Utomo Sarjono Putro, Hiroshi Deguchi


Bandung is surrounded by mountain range gives the city a cool climate throughout the year, so have temperature and humidity low. Everything moves in slower pace here compare to metropolitan life in Jakarta. With population of over two million, the lifestyle in Bandung family is related with keep a fowl like chicken or bird. As bird flu has now been found in Bandung, West Java, an Indonesian scientist says that the virus is spread in a variety of infection models. New type of bird flu is now spreading. There are assumptions that the pandemic probably spread among the poultry farmers or workers, but so far we can not make such a conclusion. Government had give some recommendations through National Strategic Planning to control bird flu pandemic, but it’s a complex problem, vaccination and anti virus drugs are not the unique answer for the program. To prevent the pandemic we must take steps not only from medical policies point of view but also from social and culture policies point of view. To give the answer, we want to develop a basic model of simulation and propose some policies by using agent based modeling to look dynamic interaction between human activity especially in Bandung City that contains several types of social activities of agent. We develope an infection process model for pandemic depending on social and culture simulation as in the previous research [deguchi,] using SOARS to know the effectiveness of several strategies or policies based on the understanding of interaction.


bird flu pandemic, agent based modeling and simulation, infection models, social program

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