Agent Based Simulation of Negotiation Process Using Drama Theory

Utomo Sarjono PUTRO


The collective behavior of autonomous individuals frequently displays characteristics that are both systemic and unexpected. Agent-based modeling has recently developed as an important approach to understanding the collective behavior of individuals interacting, especially in organized and disorganized groups such as organizations, markets or crowds. This paper develops an agent based model of dynamic negotiation among agents using drama theory and applies it in Citarum river basin problem. There are some factors which cause the problem, i.e.; illegal lodging and the population exploding in upper stream, pollution from industries in down stream, etc. The model involves local governments and people in up and down streams and an environmental NGO that concerns about the problem as agents. Based on the model, this research simulates and analyzes the interaction among the agents, and tries to describe how the conflict can change, to reduce a dilemma of each agent.


Agent-based Modeling, Confrontation, Negotiation, Dilemma, Drama Theory

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