E-Tribalized Market Research: The Information Propagation among Virtual Communities

Meichieh Chen, Hirohiko Suwa, Ko Fujimura, Toshizumi Ohta


There is not the slightest doubt that, in the web space the electronic tribes, organized and differentiated by individual interests, are shown more active and discerning in consumption. Even though virtual communities have been paid much attention on the research of the decentralized marketing behaviors in this decade, there is still a long way to go in realizing virtual communities and their behaviors. This paper presents a new approach of verifying the types of virtual community members, in terms of opinion leaders and its followers. The module reveals the enclosure of virtual communities by the propagation and evolvement of the real live information, which is designed for the future research of database-driven relationship marketing and the enlargement of market shares.


blog, virtual community, information propagation, affiliate marketing

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