Conjunctive Use of Conceptual Form Model and Actual Form Generator

Masatake Nakanishi


In view of the characteristics of contemporary data modeling and the limitations of the conventional form design method, Nakanishi proposed a Conceptual Form model as a new model for the basis of the form design theory in 1998. This model is a conceptual abstraction of external schema. Conceptual Form Formula, which comprises the model, is an algebraic representation of the Conceptual Form and is determined by the logical data structure of the target data source and its selected entity access path. This formula enables us to grasp the whole form patterns derivable from given data source. In contrast, many of actual form generators seem to lack of this kind of pattern analysis.
This paper proposes an idea of conjunctive use of the Conceptual Form model and actual form generator for obtaining a good productivity with reliability, and explains the experimental result of a concrete application case.


Conceptual forms, Database, User interfaces, Information Systems Design

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