A Time-series Descriptive Model of Competitive Advantage Trajectory-Building intermittent competitive advantage in hypermoving market

Tatsuyuki Negora, Mamiko Wakabayashi


When the external context (market environment) changes at hyper speed, the advantage of resources as the conditions for gaining competitive advantage has to be changed reactively. The purpose of this paper is to present a time-series descriptive model of competitive advantage trajectory in such industry, where it is difficult for a set of identical resources to sustain such an advantage. In the paper, further development of resource based view is proposed from the point of views of ‘Isolation of resources’ and ‘Value of resources.’ A case study adopting the time-series descriptive model, describing the trajectory of competitive advantage is done in online securities market. The study reveals that the trajectory of Matsui Securities, having sustainably superior performance, shows a similar pattern of building short term competitive advantages intermittently which is regarded in the paper to be the ideal image in hypermoving market.


Resource-based View, Time-series Descriptive Model, Intermittent Competitive Advantage, Hyper-moving Market

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