Creating Scenario for New Product Design with Human-Interactive Annealing and Data Crystallization

Kenichi Horie, Yohiharu Maeno, Yukio Ohsawa


In this study, we propose new approach to create new scenario for new product design with data crystallization, where dummy items, corresponding to potential existence of unobservable events, are inserted to the given data. These dummy items and their relations with observable events are visualized by applying KeyGraph to the data with dummy items like the crystallization of snow where dusts are involved in the formation of crystallization of water molecules. For tuning the granularity level of crystallization structure to be visualized, the tool of data crystallization is integrated with human-interactive annealing where human’s process of understanding significant scenarios and crystallization process by computer are combined. We applied this method for 106 technology patents about defects inspection systems and marking systems, and resulted in visualizing latent structures of technology in 106 patents with dummy nodes clearly in scenario maps by KeyGraph. For further assistance of human’s process to understand the relation of dummy nodes with latent structures of technology, pictograms which contain drawings and short text file are applied and inserted into the scenario map. These pictograms narrowed an ambiguity of the relation among dummy nodes and latent structures of technology and aided the examinees creating effective scenarios for new product design in real business.


chance discovery, data crystallization, Human machine interaction, unobservable events

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