The impact of axiological system on the performance of a High Education Institution. Case: Mexico's IPN

Julian Patiño - Ortiz, Isaias José Badillo, Miguel Patiño


The actual performance of public education institution is not answering the most critical demands of society. The society's perception indicates that the processes inside the educational institutions are not completely correct and transparent, thus it is conjectured there are some influences in the appropriate educational performance.

This is the objective of the present research: to find if a strong association exists among the educational performance of a public institution of higher education and the ethical behavior of its members.

The research had been done according to the Checkland's methodology and the survey method. It had been found a strong statistical relationship among the two considered variables; the educational performance as dependent variable and the ethical values (Axiological System) as independent variable.


Axiology, Education Performance, ethical disorder

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