The Contribution of Information Disclosure to Corporate Integrity

Yuko Kobayashi, Hirohiko Suwa, Kayoko Yamamoto, Toshizumi Ohta


In this study I will discuss the ethical values of information disclosure, relevant to integrity in a corporation.
Information disclosure has a significant value in which a corporation demonstrates the consistency in its business behavior towards its commitment.
Integrity, an ethical value different from “seijitsu” in terms of the nature with independency and ego, should be eventually fulfilled by the consistency between the publicly disclosed commitment and the behavior including verbal representation made by a corporation.
Integrity is a known ethical value which presents moral consistency, honesty, commitment and courage to pursue one’s goal. To evidence the consistency between the commitment and the behavior, one can take advantage of information disclosure. The discrepancy between the fact and the presented data may unveil the dishonesty in a corporation and, the timing to disclose the facts or data relevant to the interests of a customer of corporation may tell the level of commitment to the corporate social responsibility for a corporation. In these senses, the quality of information disclosure by a corporation or, the decision if a corporation discloses negative information may be regarded as key component to prove itself a corporate entity with integrity.
Recent surveys regarding the evaluation of a corporation have shown how they have depended on the disclosure to prove its appropriateness as a corporation and get closer to a model corporation which is most concerned with corporate social responsibilities.
When consistency is regarded as an utmost ethical value in integrity, the disclosure of negative information may be worth publicly addressing as it is viewed the representation of integrity of a corporation.


Spirituality and systems

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