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ISSS 2006 Papers Evolving Science & Humanity: Humanity As A Relational Ground Abstract   PDF
Ayten Aydin
ISSS 2006 Papers Fostering a Sustainable Learning Society through Knowledge Based Development Abstract   PDF
Kathia Castro Laszlo, Alexander Laszlo
ISSS 2006 Papers Foundation of Subjective Confrontation Analysis Abstract   PDF
Pri Hermawan, Kyoichi Kijima
ISSS 2006 Papers From Applied Narratives to Systemic Inquiry – Human system inquiry in action Details   PDF
Louis Klein, Alexander Kiehne
ISSS 2006 Papers From Economic to Sustainable Development - Unfolding the Concept of Law Abstract   PDF
Hanne Birgitte Jensen
ISSS 2006 Papers From Knowledge Cybernetics to Feng Shui Abstract   Untitled   PDF
Maurice Isaac Yolles
ISSS 2006 Papers From Knowledge Cybernetics to Feng Shui Details   PDF
Maurice Isaac Yolles
ISSS 2006 Papers From Theory to Practice: Taking General Systems Theory from a Theoretical Concept to a Successful Business Practice Abstract   PDF
Billy Dawson
ISSS 2006 Papers Group Decision Analysis (GDA)-- A Framework of Structural Rational Group Discussion -- Abstract   PDF   XHTML
Norimasa Kobayashi, Kyoichi Kijima
ISSS 2006 Papers How to critique an Australian Community Managed Food Distribution System, Food Connect Abstract   PDF
Nina Anne Stephens
ISSS 2006 Papers Improvements of the water usage in the Mexico City Metropolian Area Abstract   PDF
elvira avalos
ISSS 2006 Papers In Search of a Systemic Model of Municipal Integration for the Touristic Sustainable Development Abstract
Ricardo Tejeida, Juan Vargas, Oswaldo Morales
ISSS 2006 Papers In Search of Sacred Intelligence: Shamanic Sensibilities & the Evolution of Diversity in Business Abstract   PDF
Palma Vizzoni
ISSS 2006 Papers Information as Communication: The New Eco-Informatics Abstract   PDF
John J Kineman, K. Anil Kumar
ISSS 2006 Papers Information Basis for Action in Human Information Processing: Consequences for Information System Design Abstract   PDF
Bertil Lind
ISSS 2006 Papers Innovation as a Two-sided Coin with Special Consideration of Analogies Abstract   PDF   HTML
Gerald Steiner
ISSS 2006 Papers Innovative approaches to water security: ICTs as platforms for systemic online negotiation Abstract   PDF
sandrine michele simon
ISSS 2006 Papers Integral transformation of organizational systems Abstract   PDF
Ignacio E. Peon
ISSS 2006 Papers Is Good Algorithm for Computer Players also Good for Human Players? Abstract   PDF
Naoki Konno, Kyoichi Kijima
ISSS 2006 Papers Is Lean Necessarily Green? Abstract   PDF   HTML
Kumar Venkat, Wayne Wakeland
ISSS 2006 Papers Is Paul Weiss' and Ludwig von Bertalanffy's System Thinking still valid today? Abstract   PDF
Manfred Drack, Wilfried Apfalter
ISSS 2006 Papers Knowledge and Conceptual Information Abstract   PDF
Antonin ROSICKY, Antonin Pavlicek
ISSS 2006 Papers Limits to Democracy: Constraints on Systems Approaches to Organizational Change Abstract   PDF
Roberta Snow
ISSS 2006 Papers Living in Hyperscale: Internalization as a Search for Reunification Abstract   PDF
Ron Cottam, Willy Ranson, Roger Vounckx
ISSS 2006 Papers Managing Overwhelming Complexity In Human-Landscape Interactions Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Magliocca
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