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ISSS 2006 Papers Natural Systems: Demonstrating the Interdependencies Between Sustainability and Democracy Abstract   PDF
Dave Ewoldt
ISSS 2006 Papers A Lethal Fundamental Error: How to Recognize, Reject & Replace It Abstract   HTML   PDF
C. A. Hilgartner
ISSS 2006 Papers A new idea on enterprise development strategy research based on systemic metaphors and its application Abstract   PDF
Jianmei Yang, Zheng He
ISSS 2006 Papers A Sideways Look at Systems: Identifying Sub-Systemic Dimensions as a Technique for Avoiding a Hierarchical Perspective Abstract   PDF
Steve Eugene Wallis
ISSS 2006 Papers Achieving the Sustainable Development through the world Abstract   PDF
hyuk kihl kwon
ISSS 2006 Papers An Analysis of the System Theoretic Perspectives in the Proposals by Klir and Luhmann for the Study of Cross-Area Epistemic Communication Abstract   PDF
Rafael A. Ayala-RodrĂ­guez
ISSS 2006 Papers Application of a Systems Approach to Distance Education Abstract   PDF
Teresa A Daniel
ISSS 2006 Papers Applying Systems to Capacity-Building in Participatory, Ecologically Informed Planning Abstract   PDF
Joanne Tippett, Emma Jane Griffiths
ISSS 2006 Papers Boundaries and Conflict Between Social and Ecological Emergent Orders: A Left-Hayekian Perspective Abstract   PDF
Gus diZerega
ISSS 2006 Papers Boundary Critique: A minimal concept theory of systems thinking Details   PDF
Derek A. Cabrera
ISSS 2006 Papers Circularity of Human Knowing and System Science Abstract   PDF
Antonin Rosicky
ISSS 2006 Papers Complexity and Adaptive Policy Systems: CALFED as an Emergent Form of Governance for Sustainable Managemennt of Contested Resources Abstract   PDF
David Booher, Judith Innes
ISSS 2006 Papers Consequences of Increments in Cognitive Structure for Attentional Automatization, the Experience of Boredom, and Engagement in Egocentric, Hyperdynamic, Interest-Generating Behaviors: A Developmental Psychophysiologic Approach Details   PDF   XHTML
Augustin Mateo de la Pena
ISSS 2006 Papers Contemporary agri-ecological systems and their contribution to community resilience: reconnecting people and food, and people with people Abstract   PDF
Christine Anne King
ISSS 2006 Papers Corporate Change and Traditional Chinese Medicine Abstract   PDF   HTML
Kuang-cheng Wang
ISSS 2006 Papers Counter-Intuitive Managerial Interventions in Complex Systems Abstract   PDF
Kambiz Maani, Anson Li
ISSS 2006 Papers D S V, Disasters, a Systemic Vision Abstract   PDF
Francisco J. Aceves, Joel Audefroy, Jaime Santos
ISSS 2006 Papers Dancing With Demons: Pathogenic Problem Solving Abstract   PDF
Kathleen S. Long
ISSS 2006 Papers Dynamics and Development of the International System: A Complexity Science Perspective Abstract   PDF
Ingo Piepers
ISSS 2006 Papers Early Social Innovations: Belief Systems  Abstract   PDF
James Robert Simms
ISSS 2006 Abstracts Eigenform Details   HTML
Louis Hirsch Kauffman
ISSS 2006 Papers Epilepsy as a Dynamic Complex System Abstract
Oswaldo Morales-Matamoros, Ricardo Tejeida-Padilla, Teresa Contreras-Troya
ISSS 2006 Papers Evolutionary Guidance Media: An Overview Abstract   PDF
Dana Klisanin
ISSS 2006 Papers Evolutionary Processes in Living Systems Abstract   PDF
Lane Tracy
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