Systemic Analysis of the Tourism and Health Relationship

Ricardo Tejeida, Jose Pino, Oswaldo Morales, Jaime Santos


Health is an important element that should be taken care in consideration when planning the tourist activities, because it involves the resident population in the hosting destinies, as well as the visitors. The infrastructure and the health care services are a constant that should be integrated to the attention offered to travelers.

From the perspective of the social well-being, during the high tourist incidence season, the lifestyle in the cities that constitute important destinations is altered by a great amount of visitors, by a nurtured vehicular traffic and by the multiple social activities that are superimposed to the residents. This urban and sometimes rural metabolism alteration is determined by the characteristic lifestyles of the visitors.

The deterioration in the visitor’s health, studied by the medicine branch known as constitutes a risk for the whole tourist industry. Somebody that gets sick in a certain place might not return. This fact, when known in his/her hometown, could keep other potential tourists from traveling to that place.

This paper, as a part of an research work in process, exposes the importance of developing of a systemic analysis that allows to know the subsystems involved in the health-tourism binomial, since it reflects the narrow link that exists between social well-being and economic development.


Paradigm of systems, tourism, health, emporiatry

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